Various computer makers have long introduced security solutions like fingerprint sensors that have been built into the computer itself (usually found in laptops), but these are hardly the most ergonomic solution. This is where HP comes in as the company has announced the HP USB Fingerprint Mouse.

As the name and as the photos show, this is a mouse that comes with a built-in fingerprint sensor. What this means is that users will be able to use biometric security to protect their computers, but instead of having to reach over to their computers to scan their fingerprints, all they’ll have to do is put their finger on their mouse, which their hands should be on already.

HP is also boasting AES-256 bit security encryption that is supposed to store your fingerprint information securely, although we’re not sure how many would feel comfortable about storing such information on a device that can be easily lost or stolen. For the most part the mouse will be pretty standard where users can adjust the DPI where it will be capable of going up to 1,600.

It is a wired mouse so if you’re someone who prefers their accessories wireless, then maybe this isn’t the mouse for you. However if you think it might come in handy, HP will be making the mouse available for purchase this December where it will be priced at $49.

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