HTC confirmed earlier this year that it would be launching a new smartphone called Exodus. It would be different from the devices that the company has released so far. It would also be different from most of the devices on the market currently. The Exodus will be a blockchain smartphone. HTC has posted a new teaser online today which possibly gives us our first glimpse at this device’s design.

HTC hasn’t confirmed a lot of details about this device so there’s reasonable anticipation for it, particularly among the blockchain community. The teaser posted on Instagram could be the first glimpse of this handset’s design.

HTC has taken down a previous teaser that it put up for the device which mentioned October 22nd as the official launch date. This teaser mentions October 23rd as the day when HTC will formally announce this device.

It appears that the device may have a curved glass design. That’s to be expected from any flagship-level device in this day and age. Could it also have a transparent or semi-transparent back? That’s within the realm of possibility going by this teaser.

Even though HTC announces the device next week, it may not be released before December. The early unveiling will enable it to get out ahead of Sirin Labs which is going to launch its much awaited Finney blockchain smartphone on November 28th.

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