Earlier this year HTC announced that they would be launching a smartphone called Exodus. While HTC launching new smartphones doesn’t come as a surprise, what made the Exodus interesting is the fact that it will be a blockchain smartphone (the same technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin).

At that time HTC did not mention when the phone would be announced save for this coming fall, and now it looks like we have a date. In a post on Instagram, HTC has announced that its Exodus smartphone will be launched on the 22nd of October, 2018. Details were scarce in its teaser so in terms of features and hardware, it’s really anyone’s guess.

However what we do know about it, like we mentioned earlier, is that it will be a blockchain smartphone. Presumably given the concept behind blockchain, we imagine that this could be some kind of decentralized device, meaning that instead of data being held in the cloud and potentially accessed by anyone, it will be held on the phone.

There are also plans to launch a game with CryptoKitties which will be the “world’s biggest game” built on blockchain technology. In any case it will be interesting to see what kind of device the Exodus might be, so check back with us next week for the details.

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