It seems that just about everyone is launching their own mobile payments services these days. We have Apple Pay, we have Samsung Pay, we have Google Pay, which is why it didn’t really come as a surprise to learn that LG had also launched their own mobile payments service called LG Pay.


Now LG Pay has yet to make its debut in the US, despite rumors about the service supposedly launching in June this year, which obviously did not pan out. However it looks like there is still a chance that the platform could launch albeit under a different name. This is thanks to a report from LetsGoDigital (via PhoneArena) who spotted trademark plans filed at the USPTO and EUIPO by LG for a service called LG Pay Quick.

Details are scarce but based on its name, it is possible that LG Pay Quick is either a rebranding of LG Pay for the US and EU markets, or it could be a variant of the service, possibly a more limited service based on its name where it might only launch with basic features and not much else.

Unfortunately the trademark filing does not tell us when the service is expected to launch, if at all, but LG’s filing of the trademark does hint that the company does have some kind of plan for it, but what exactly remains to be seen.

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