Finding a plug to plug your laptop in to charge while you’re on the go can be tricky. This is because there are plenty of people out there who are also similarly looking for plugs or who are already using existing ones. The good news is that Mophie has a potential solution in the form of the USB-C 3XL.


This is essentially a powerbank but it packs a massive 26,000mAh battery underneath it. Given that it also uses USB-C connectivity, it should be more than capable of charging bigger devices like a laptop such as Apple’s MacBooks which have all made the switch to USB-C. It is capable of sending 45W of power to laptops which should be fast/powerful enough to charge.

Alternatively you could also use it to charge your smartphone or tablet multiple times over given the sheer size of the battery. There will also be a USB-A connection if you don’t have any USB-C devices, but the power output will be limited to 12W versus 45W on the USB-C port. Mophie is also claiming that the device has a Priority+ Charging feature, meaning that you can charge your laptop and the powerbank at the same time, but the priority will be given to your laptop first before the powerbank refills.

Unfortunately pricing could be a big deterrent for would-be customers as Mophie is charging $199.95 for the USB-C 3XL. However there is an alternative which is the Mophie PowerStation XXL that offers 20,200mAh, although this will not feature USB-C ports.

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