Amazon may be popularizing cashier-less stores in the United States but it’s certainly not the only retail giant toying with this idea. Walmart-owned Sam’s Club has now announced a new location in Texas will be its entry into the world of cashier-less stores. The location is being called Sam’s Club Now and according to CEO Jamie Iannone, it’s “very close to opening.”

However, the store won’t be as high-tech as the Amazon Go stores. Users will be relying on the Sam’s Club Now app to scan items that they want to buy. A final scan will be required by a staff member before they can exit with their purchase. The company says that this location will serve as a technology lab where it’s going to “incubate, test and refine technologies to help define the future of retail.”

Other features that will be available when the store opens include smart shopping lists. A member’s shopping list will be auto-filled as the app will rely on machine learning and previous purchase data. They will then be able to add or remove items easily.

New navigation features will help guide customers to right where they’ll find what they’re looking for. The location will also be testing electronic shelf labels in the future. The prices will be instantly updated and this will eliminate the need to print and replace new item price signs.

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