Tech companies have been playing an important role in getting people out to vote. Snapchat’s voter registration drive has led to over 400,000 people registering to vote. Uber has been making similar efforts and the ride-hailing company today announced that it’s going to give $10 off on rides come election day.

Voter registration is just the first step in ensuring that people take part in the democratic process. Those registered voters have to actually go out and cast their ballot. Uber is looking to help them out with that by offering them $10 off rides on election day. This promotion will be available nationwide in the United States. It will apply to only a single ride on the most affordable Uber option in any given city.

Uber’s dedicated poll location button will have to be used in the app to get this discount. This button will be live on election day. It will help voters find and book rides to their polling places. They will be asked to use a promo code to get the $10 discount. They will also have to use the cheapest option which go up from Express Pool, Uber Pool to Uber X depending on the city.

Riders won’t be given discounts on rides back from the polling station. Moreover, residents of Michigan, Utah, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories won’t be eligible for this promo due to restrictions on discounted transportation on polling day.

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