We’re sure many of you guys have come across various content on YouTube which just seems to be compilations of other videos and content taken from other sources. Some of these videos have managed to rack up hundreds of thousands of views, and some are even monetized which seems a bit unfair to some creators who actually create their own content.

YouTube is aware of this and in a post on its forums, the company has announced that they will be cracking down on what they call “duplicative content” from its partners. Basically YouTube wants to curb abuse by some creators who compile videos together without adding much of their own content.

YouTube notes that this doesn’t mean that creators can’t create such videos, but rather they would prefer if creators were to try and put in more effort into making it more original, such as adding more of their own commentary, narrative, maybe even educational value, higher quality edits, and so on.

According to YouTube, “It’s important to note that ‘duplicative content’ is not just about copyright. The spirit of this YPP policy is to make sure we’re only allowing channels into the program when the content adds value, and is original and relevant. If you upload content from multiple sources or repurpose existing content, you may still be eligible for YPP so long as you’re contributing to the value of that content in some way.”

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