Way back in the early days of productivity software, should your computer or software suddenly crash, all your work would be lost. However these days developers have built-in tools that constantly backup your data to ensure that if something unexpected happens, you will have the backup to restore your work from.

In fact Adobe’s Premiere Pro does have such a system to help backup work while the user works on it. However it seems that a freelancer by the name of Dave Cooper alleges that due to a bug within the software, years of his work was deleted. One of the features of Premiere Pro is called “clean cache” which basically empties out the cache to free up storage space. The cache is typically used during the workflow to help create backups of the project, and users have the option of clearing it once they’re done.

However according to Cooper, during the process of clearing his cache, he claims that not only were the redundancies deleted, but so were numerous Files and Data which weren’t part of the Media Cache folder or subdirectories to begin with. Speaking to Motherboard, David Deal who is one of the attorneys representing Cooper, “The files that were deleted were both his original video clips as well as files that were a result of his editing. As a freelance visual artist, all you are and all you have is your work. If you don’t have your work then you might as well not be a visual artist.”

Cooper estimates that he has lost about 100,000 video clips that is worth $250,000. Adobe had previously acknowledged the bug and were quick to release a fix, but not before Cooper had lost all of his work. Cooper and his attorneys attempted to reach a settlement with Adobe prior to the filing of the lawsuit, but were rejected.

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