For the longest time, Apple used to share how much iPhones they had sold during the launch weekend. Given that every year Apple seems to sell more and more iPhones, such an announcement was done for various reasons: to boast, to make iPhone owners feel proud that they own the best-selling handset, and to make investors happy.

However in recent years, Apple had dropped the practice, instead only announce sales figures during its quarterly financials, but now it looks like they won’t be sharing those details anymore. Apple has recently announced that they will no longer be announcing how many iPhones, iPads, or Mac computers that they have sold during a quarter.

It is unclear as to why Apple will stop reporting those figures, but it has been speculated that this could be due to flatlining growth, which we suppose might not necessarily be good for investor confidence. However Apple is expected to continue to report the revenue that they’ve generated for those categories, so we guess it is still possible to extrapolate some data from that.

What this means is that in terms of official figures, we’ll no longer know how many iPhones or iPads or Mac computers Apple has sold, and will instead need to rely on data from third-party analytics companies.

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