As manufacturers look to increase the screen to body ratio on their handsets, they’re testing out various methods to do that. Some have relied on notches of varying shapes and sizes while others have gone in a different direction altogether. There have been rumors that Asus may opt for an offset display hole for the ZenFone 6 and a new video has emerged that claims to show a prototype of this device.


This particular ZenFone handset isn’t expected to arrive until next year. The video shows that it may have an offset display hole not unlike the one we saw on the Essential Phone. The hole will be for the camera. It’s certainly smaller than a notch so it doesn’t take too much space thus enabling the display to be stretched up even further.

The display hole part isn’t interesting. It’s the apparent decision to not position it in the center. What reason might Asus possibly have to position it off center remains a mystery right now.

It’s pertinent to mention here that this video shows off a prototype of the ZenFone 6. There’s nothing to suggest right now that the handset’s design has been finalized. For all we know, the final product might look different from what we see here.

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