Last month, the producer behind Netflix’s Castlevania animated series Adi Shankar posted on Instagram that he would be working with an “iconic Japanese gaming company” to adapt an “iconic video game series” into an animated series. This led to speculation that Shankar could be working on a Legend of Zelda animated series.

However as it turns out, that is not the case as a report from IGN basically confirms that Shankar will be working on a “Devil May Cry” animated series, where according to the producer, it “will join Castlevania in what we’re now calling the bootleg multiverse.” For those unfamiliar, Shankar kind of built a name for himself by creating his own series of short films based around Marvel’s Venom and The Punisher, all of which exist in his “bootleg universe”.

In an interview with IGN’s Jacki Jing, Shankar revealed that he had acquired the rights to Devil May Cry himself in an attempt to prevent the “jabronis in Hollywood” from screwing it up. However there is no word on when the series is expected to be launched, and which platform it will be available on.

It is odd that Castlevania and Devil May Cry will exist in a multiverse given that they are both made by different companies, but then again games like Super Smash Bros. have shown how different franchises by different developers can still play nicely together in the same game. In any case we’ll have to wait for more details for the series, but in the meantime fans of Devil May Cry can probably rejoice at this news.

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