With Diablo being such a beloved gaming franchise, Blizzard was probably not anticipating that the Diablo Immortal’s announcement would be receiving all the backlash that it has. Now it seems that there is some controversy brewing as apparently the “dislikes” on the game’s trailer has been “disappearing”.

According to reports, the trailer had around 300,000 dislikes, but that later dropped to 200,000 dislikes. It is unclear as to what is going on, but this coupled with reports that Blizzard has been deleting negative comments has led to a conspiracy that Blizzard could be removing the dislikes, although whether or not that is actually possible remains to be seen.

However as Game Rant points out, one of the possible reasons behind the dislikes disappearing could be due to YouTube removing fake accounts and bot accounts that could have been used to dislike the video, which is why some of the dislikes have been removed from the counter.

That being said regardless of what is going on, it is clear that many gamers aren’t thrilled by the game’s announcement. Blizzard has stressed that the announcement of Diablo Immortals doesn’t mean that Diablo 4 isn’t in the works, and that they still have multiple Diablo projects in the works.

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