When Amazon announced plans to launch physical stores, it raised some eyebrows as one of Amazon’s selling points was its ability to allow customers to shop for pretty much anything in the comfort of their own home. However at the same time it wasn’t really that much of a stretch given that Amazon is at its core, a retailer.


Now it looks like Facebook could be trying something similar as the company has announced that they will be hosting pop-up stores at Macy’s for the holiday season. Now you might be thinking what kind of products does Facebook have that would warrant such a store? Basically this is a pop-up store aimed at showcasing products from 100 small businesses and online brands, giving them a platform to showcase and sell their products.

The best part is that Facebook is doing this for “free”, where they’ll be paying Macy’s the one-time fee that the store charges to rent the space, and all revenue generated by the brands will be kept by the brands themselves and they won’t need to split it with Facebook or Macy’s. However we imagine that Facebook hopes that these “good feelings” will be translated into greater ad sales and more usage of its online platform.

According to Facebook, “We know the power of connecting businesses with the people who love them most, which is why we’re proud to play a role in expanding the communities of these businesses to in-store shoppers at one of the most beloved retail stores in the world.” The Market @ Macy’s will be launching in New York City, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle today and will run until early February 2019.

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