As some of you might have heard, the US is in a trade war with China where depending on how this plays out, it could end up costing you a lot more money to buy a product that has been imported from China, which let’s face it is a lot as many US companies tend to turn to China for their manufacturing needs.

In fact according to a report from The Wall Street Journal (via AppleInsider), US President Donald Trump has stated if the upcoming summit with the Chinese President Xi Jinping does not bear fruit, his administration could impose a 10% import tax on products from China, and the iPhone could be one of the products that might be affected.

Given how much the iPhones cost these days, a 10% import tax would make them even more expensive than before, plus we’re pretty sure that Apple will not be absorbing these additional costs which means that it will become more expensive than ever to own an iPhone. As AppleInsider has pointed out, Apple has successfully managed to escape these taxes, but whether or not they can escape this time round remains to be seen.

Apple relies heavily on China for their manufacturing, where they are known for working with companies such as Foxconn. To Foxconn’s credit, they have stated that they are planning to open manufacturing plants in the US, but whether or that will end up costing companies more than the import tax is unclear.

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