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One of the main differences between Google Maps and Waze, despite Google owning both of them, is that Waze comes with more detailed information that some drivers might find useful or important. For example Waze lets users report accidents so that drivers know which routes to avoid.

They can also report congestion, police roadblocks, speed traps, and more, all of which can be useful depending on the user. However if you prefer Google Maps over Waze but would still love to use some of those features, you’re in luck because a report from Android Police has revealed that Google is testing out crash and speed trap reporting for Google Maps.

Note that this is a test which means that not all users will see it yet. This post on Reddit has revealed that the feature is live for some in certain countries, but not for others. There is also no guarantee that these features are confirmed for Google Maps as Google could simply be testing them out and might decide to do away with it later.

In any case we imagine that these are some features that some drivers might enjoy. Granted it isn’t as feature-rich compared to Waze, but if you did not want to be bogged down by all those features and only want the “important” ones, then this could be worth looking forward to, if and when Google does decide to release it for everyone.

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