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You Can Now Send Waze Directions From The Web To Your Smartphone
So you’re on the web looking up directions on how to get to your destination, and now that you found it, you want to send those directions to your phone. If you use Google Maps, it’s not that hard, but what if you prefer using a different navigation app such as Waze? If you’re a Waze user, then you’re in luck.

Waze Can Now Warn Users Of Unplowed Roads
Waze does an excellent job at letting drivers know which are the best routes to take to avoid the jam, road blocks, accidents, tolls, and so on. However, sometimes during the winter, roads become covered in snow which in turn creates problems as well, but Waze is here to help with a new feature.

Waze’s Carpool Gets Added To Moovit’s Public Transit App
If you do not have the luxury of owning a car, then public transportation is the next best thing. However, public transport can get a bit complicated because to get to certain places, you might need to take the bus and then the train, or vice versa. This means that you definitely need to plan your trip before leaving.

Google Pixel 4 Seemingly Blocks These Four Apps From Running At 90Hz
As some of you might have heard, Google’s Pixel 4 has come under fire recently for its 90Hz display, where despite being advertised as such, it was revealed that the display’s refresh rate changes depending on the brightness, where it can drop down to 60Hz. Now it seems that Google might have actually blocked certain apps from ever running at 90Hz.


Waze Now Lets Drivers Invite Multiple Passengers To A Carpool
Waze today announced that it’s launching a feature that has long been required by Waze Carpool users. It’s now allowing them to invite multiple passengers to join a carpool. This will let them easily choose more people from their Carpool crew and then ride with them together as this will open up the HOV 3+ express lanes for drivers.

Waze Starts Showing Toll Prices After Latest Update
Waze can already tell you if the route you’re taking home involves taking a toll route but with the latest update, it will now also be able to tell you just how much toll you’ll have to pay. Waze has always known where toll roads are and how drivers can avoid them, this latest update makes the decision to take the toll road easier for drivers by telling them upfront […]

Google Maps Rolling Out Reporting Feature For Speed Traps And Accidents
One of the features of Waze is that a lot of the information you can see in the app is crowdsourced. For example Waze gives users the ability to report things like accidents (which other users can later confirm whether or not it is still there), speed traps, police road blocks, and more.

Waze For iOS Updated With Support For Siri Shortcuts
If you use Waze on your iPhone, you might be interested in the latest update to the app in which it finally adds support for Siri Shortcuts. What this means is that with Siri Shortcuts, users will be able to record shortcuts for their drive home, drive to work, drive to their favorite locations, and more, all with a simple voice command to Siri.

NYPD Isn’t A Fan Of Waze’s User-Reported DWI Checkpoints
One of the features of Waze is that it crowdsources its information, such as accidents, traffic jams, and police checkpoints. These are useful features for users, although it seems that the NYPD isn’t particularly a fan of one of them, and yes, you guessed right, they aren’t loving the user-reported DWI checkpoints feature.

Waze Thanks Apple For Their Success, But It’s Not Necessarily Complimentary
Several years ago, Apple revealed their plans for their own maps called Apple Maps. Given that prior to that, Google Maps pretty much dominated the landscape, safe to say that with Apple’s resources, their attempts to launch their own mapping service might have given some pause. However we all know how that turned out, and Waze in particular seems pretty happy about it.

Google Maps Testing Crash & Speed Trap Reporting
One of the main differences between Google Maps and Waze, despite Google owning both of them, is that Waze comes with more detailed information that some drivers might find useful or important. For example Waze lets users report accidents so that drivers know which routes to avoid.

Waze Audio Player Feature Added To The App
Want to listen to music and use your navigation app at the same time? It’s entirely possible to do so, but if you’d rather not have to switch between apps, which can be dangerous while driving, then the latest update to Waze might be of interest to you where the update has introduced a new Audio Player feature.

Waze Carpool Now Available Across The US
One of the reasons why traffic jams exist is because there are simply too many cars on the road. This is where the idea of carpooling comes in handy, where drivers can share a single car to get to their destination, which in theory helps reduce traffic congestion, saves money on fuel, and reduces the amount of carbon emissions.

Waze Is Now Available For CarPlay
With the release of iOS 12, Apple opened up CarPlay to more third-party navigation apps, meaning that users who didn’t want to use Apple Maps would now have more options, as long as developers decided to support CarPlay. Last week Google made Google Maps compatible with CarPlay, and now it looks like Waze is next.