Speakers are a dime a dozen and chances are you’ve been through a couple of them over the years. For those who grew up in the 1970s, JBL’s L100 might have been the speaker of your dreams, but maybe you could never quite afford it. However if you are now enjoying adulthood with a source of disposable income, maybe it’s time to revisit the past.

JBL has recently announced the JBL L100 Classic, which is basically a modern take on a very classic set of speakers. Of course given the direction that we’ve seen JBL take in recent years, it’s not surprising that the L100 Classic has been given a similar modern redesign, although for the most part it still looks very much like the original L100 from back in the day.

However under the hood is where the major changes were made. The speakers will feature all-new drivers which includes a 12-inch pure pulp woofer with a cast frame, a 5-inch pure pulp cone midrange, and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter. They will also feature a real walnut finish cabinet.

That being said, these are speakers that seem to be catered towards audiophiles and people who might be serious about their sound. They are also passive speakers which means that you will require an amplifier to drive them, plus they also don’t come cheap. They will be sold in pairs and will cost a whopping $4,000.

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