Lenovo announced last week that it’s launching a dedicated online store for PC games. The Legion Game Store will also be used to distribute closed betas. It’s an extension of the company’s Legion brand which has largely been limited to gaming PCs since its arrival. It has also launched some Legion-branded gaming accessories like headphones, mice, and keyboards.


A recent study shows that almost 71 percent of PC gamers prefer downloading games digitally than buying physical copies. This and feedback from the community was what made Lenovo decided that it wanted to launch an online storefront for games as well.

There’s a catalog of more than 200 of the “latest and greatest” PC games available on the Legion Game Store. This includes recently launched major games like Fallout 76 as well. Some well regarded indie titles are available on the Legion Game Store too.

Lenovo says that it has partnered directly with many publishers to provide discounts and exclusives that will not be available to other retailers. It also stands out from other digital download services as the Legion Game Store will have a regimented screening process so that only fully developed or closed beta titles are listed for distribution through its platform.

The Lenovo Legion Game Store is available in the U.S. initially starting today. The company does have plans to expand on exclusive content and offers in the coming weeks.

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