Microsoft launched its Adaptive Controller earlier this year to allow differently-abled people to play games as well. The peripheral was very well received not only because of its build quality but because it allows for endless configurability. It has 19 ports which can be used to mimic a controller input using a third-party device, even ones that let people control functions with their feet. Nintendo doesn’t support this controller officially but there is a workaround to get the Adaptive Controller to work with the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft developed the Adaptive Controller in such a way that it can be used with any kind of hardware. However, there’s no real support for it beyond the Windows PC and Xbox One because other console manufacturers haven’t opened up to it as yet.

A YouTube who goes by MyMateVince has come up with a way to get the Adaptive Controller to work with the Nintendo Switch. He used a Mayflash Magic-NS wireless controller adapter that’s available for $20 on Amazon to let the Switch communicate with the controller. A bit of software troubleshooting is required as well to remap the buttons before it becomes entirely possible to use the Adaptive Controller on the Nintendo Switch.

The process is far from perfect and does require a lot of time. Some controls may not work since this is a workaround after all. Nevertheless, it goes to show that this can be done, so perhaps it would be best if Nintendo does eventually offer full support for the Adaptive Controller.

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