Having a device that does more than one thing is a hallmark of efficiency. This is why dedicated music players have since been replaced by our smartphones, and why most of us don’t need to carry a separate compact camera around just to take photos, and in more recent times, we might not even need to bring our wallet as our phones can also make payments at shops.


If that kind of efficiency is something you can appreciate, then maybe you might be interested in TwelveSouth’s PowerPic. This is a photo frame that can also double up as a wireless charger, making it an idea accessory for placing beside your bed. Given that it is propped up at an angle, it also acts as a stand/dock where you can use it at your desk, beside your bed, and anywhere where the angle will let you see your notifications while charging your phone at the same time.

The PowerPic will work with pretty much any Qi-enable smartphone, and will be able to deliver up to 10W of wireless power which is faster than previous-gen chargers. As for the frame itself, unfortunately it isn’t quite as hi-tech as Google’s Pixel Stand which can cycle through photos, but it is made from New Zealand pine and will be able to house a 5-inch by 7-inch photo. It is priced at $80 and is available via TwelveSouth’s website.

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