It is largely expected that at the Samsung Developer Conference, the company will be taking the wraps off its foldable smartphone. Nothing official has been announced yet, but the company is continuing to tease users as they have recently made some changes to the Samsung Mobile photo on Facebook.


As you can see in the image to the right, the photo has been changed where the Samsung logo has been folded. Presumably all of this is leading up to Samsung’s official unveiling. The conference will be taking place later this week so we should have all the official details soon enough, but it should be noted that the unveiling does not necessarily mean a launch.

According to reports, Samsung will unveil the phone but it might only be a working prototype to show how far the company has come along, and to give customers an idea of what the final device could look like. A report from Bloomberg last week even suggested that Samsung’s foldable smartphone might only be made available in Q2 2019, which means that fans will have a bit of waiting to do.

In the meantime it looks like Samsung will no longer be the first company to launch a foldable smartphone. That title has gone to Chinese smartphone maker Royole who recently unveiled their own foldable smartphone the FlexPai.

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