For now the notch design we’re seeing in many smartphones is here to stay. This is because companies are still figuring out certain technical aspects, such as how to fit cameras and sensors under a display and have them work. However it seems that Samsung might have an idea, at least according to a leaked photo of a screen protector.

This photo was uploaded onto Slashleaks by SamsungMobile News in which it shows a screen protector with a hole cut out in the top left corner of it. If you’re wondering why this looks familiar, it is because earlier this month there was a patent filed by Samsung that hinted at such a display.

This seems to be Samsung’s take on the notch, where instead of a huge cutout, Samsung has opted for a small circular cutout where presumably some of the sensors will be placed. This is actually not the first time that such a design has been put forward. Samsung had previously teased a phone with an edge-to-edge display without a notch, but whether or not this is the actual solution is anyone’s guess.

Like we said, there are many who seem to deride the idea of the notch as admittedly it does what could be a potentially seamless design. Some companies such as Oppo have found ways around it by using a popup camera, although the potential of mechanical failure for such a design is a very real possibility.

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