The retail display world is perhaps the most relevant place to start using 8K videos, and Sony has put on an impressive show at Inter Bee 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.

There are very few places where you can experience this technology, so it’s worth a look when the occasion presents itself. Sony’s Crystal LED Display System (CLEDIS) is based on small borderless display modules (model ZRD-1) that be tiled to create huge screens of various sizes. Sony says “go big or go bigger” as its motto for this product.

The image quality is extremely high, with deep blacks, and bright whites reaching 1000 NITs of brightness (a typical laptop hits ~300-400 NITs). The colors are vivid since the technology can reproduce ~140% of the sRGB space, which better than most smartphones and tablets on the market, including many high-end models.

The view angle of near-180 degrees is impressive and completely necessary since the public should be able to perceive a great image quality from anywhere in front of the screen. All of these attributes are extremely hard to achieve on a screen this size.

Projection technologies can’t match this level of performance, and LCD-based displays usually have visible bezels, however thin they may be. Perhaps OLED is the only potential competitor, but we haven’t seen an OLED equivalent of this yet.

The sight of the Sony Crystal Display playing an 8K video at 120FPS is candy for the eyes. Although 8K might seem superfluous, even for an 80” TV, it is necessary and valuable when you look at giant screens like this. You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.

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