Right now in the portable gaming market, at least as far as the console makers are concerned, Nintendo has the market cornered with their 3DS handheld consoles, and to a certain extent the Nintendo Switch. Previously Sony would compete with Nintendo with their PS Vita, but we haven’t really heard much on what Sony plans to do on that front.


However could Sony be considering launching a new portable? If they are, it makes sense that they might also be thinking up of new ways to store the games on, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to see that Sony has patented such an idea. This patent was discovered over in Korea by Techtastic (via Engadget) in which as you can see in the image above, shows off an oddly-shaped cartridge.

Details about the design are scarce, but like we said it is rather uniquely-shaped and it seems like it is small enough to fit a handheld console versus a home console like the PS4. Now like we said, it is unclear what Sony plans to do on the portable gaming front. The company had previously confirmed that production of the PS Vita would be ending in Japan come 2019, which could either be looked at as Sony’s way of bowing out of the market, or making it ripe for a successor.

However the patent was filed for back in 2017 and given that we’re almost in 2019 and haven’t seen anything come to fruition yet, could this simply be an idea, or could Sony be working on something? Either way we’ll have to wait and see.

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