How often do you find yourself checking your phone everyday? Back in the day of the feature phone, chances are we only check our phones when we get a message or phone call, but with our smartphones being connected to the world, we check our phones when we get new comments, new tweets, news, videos, messages, emails, and more.

In fact according to a recent study conducted by Deloitte for their 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey, it was found that on average, Americans tend to check their phones at least 52 times a day. This also represents an increase from the previous year, where it was reported that the average American checked their phone only 47 times a day.

According to Kevin Westcott, vice chairman and US telecommunications, media and entertainment sector leader at Deloitte, “This year’s survey really advances the story of smartphones as the true center of our lives, both inside and outside the home. The smartphone remains the go-to device for consumers, enabling them to do anything they desire: communicate, work, socialize, consume entertainment, stay fit or take care of things at home.”

Interestingly enough there has also been an increase in the number of people who are seeking to reduce their phone usage, suggesting that while we might be checking our phones more, we are at least aware that it might not necessarily be good for us.

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