Augmented reality tech is pretty cool. We’ve seen how it has been successfully utilized in games such as Pokemon GO, and how its use has also help create new experiences for shoppers, where the use of AR technology allows shoppers to “try” an item before buying it, whether it be clothes, glasses, or even furniture.

Now perhaps in a more niche setting, gamer Olo Sabandija decided to create an augmented reality tattoo, which when scanned by a smartphone, will launch a Sonic the Hedgehog game. The game itself isn’t playable (gamers can only make the character jump) and right now in its current form, it pretty much just displays one of the stages from the game.

Speaking to Nerdist, Sabandija talked about the possibility of making the game playable. “In theory I can make a playable game, but I’m still several online tutorials away from that, and it would need to be a game like Arkanoid or Space Invaders, where you only move side to side and maybe down. I can make all sides of the D-pad interactive, but activating only the up part without also triggering the sides would make most games unplayable.”

We have to admit that this is pretty damn cool, but like we said, it is also a rather novel idea, but it does show the potential of what AR technology can do.

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