Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the auto-park feature for its cars will be ready in six weeks. The feature, dubbed “Summon,” will enable Tesla cars to drive around a parking lot on their own and find an empty spot. They will also be able to read parking signs.

Musk revealed on Twitter that Summon will be ready in about six weeks. It will be sent out as an over-the-air upgrade and will be compatible with all Tesla cars made in the past two years, the ones that come with Autopilot hardware V2+.

This is an advanced version of the feature that currently allows owners to park their cars from the outside. It makes getting in and out of tight parking spots very easy. They can also move the cars a short distance to shift parking spots.

He further explained that the car will be able to drive to the user’s phone location and “follow you like a pet” if they hold down the summon button on the Tesla app. It will even be possible for users to drive it from their phone remotely “like a big RC car” if the device and the car have a line of sight.

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