Imagine a world where every country used a different set of measurements for weight, volume, size, and so on. That would be extremely confusing, wouldn’t it? That’s one of the issues surrounding drone legislation, where different countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to drone operational procedures.


However the good news is that the International Organization for Standards (ISO) has released a first draft (via MIT Review) of what appears to be the first worldwide standards for drones. Basically the standards want to determine who constitutes as no-fly zones, what is the sufficient distance required for drones to be away from such areas, and so on.

It has also suggested that geo-fencing technology should be implemented to prevent drones from entering such areas, along with features such as flight logging, training, and maintenance requirements. The standards are also looking to establish rules for drone operators to follow with regards to respecting the privacy of others, as well as data protection.

That being said, the ISO can’t force countries or drone makers to adopt these standards, but like we said, having an international set of agreed-upon standards should help make things clear cut in the future. The ISO is also expected to release another set of standards that will address things like technical specifications, manufacturing quality, and traffic management in the future.

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