YouTube launched its own version of the Stories feature that Snapchat and Instagram have popularized over a year ago. It was initially called Reels but the company has since rebranded the feature to YouTube Stores. It was available to select YouTubers initially but you will soon be able to see them from many more. That’s because YouTube is expanding this feature to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers.


There are fundamental differences between the way Stories work on Instagram/Snapchat compared to how they work on YouTube. They will stick around for seven days on YouTube and will be visible to both subscribers and non-subscribers.

They will also show up in YouTube’s Up Next sidebar beside a video. YouTubers who use this feature will be able to respond to viewers who interact with their Stories. Fans will be able to leave questions and comments as well.

YouTube is aiming to provide another way for creators to engage with their subscribers that’s easier and faster than having to create a properly edited, polished video. Most serious YouTubers go to great lengths in order to create content for their followers. YouTube Stories will let them engage with their viewers in a much more easier way.

The feature will now be available to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. They will be able to film a new Story by launching the YouTube app and selecting the “Create Story” option after tapping on the video camera icon.

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