Over the past few years, it seems that governments have been requesting more and more data from tech companies such as Apple on their users. For the most part tech companies usually try to resist giving away information about their customers to protect their privacy, although from time to time, they do give in.


That being said for those who are wondering about all the government requests, you might be interested to learn that Apple has since launched a new transparency website which will show users all the various government requests for data from all over the world. Prior to this Apple would typically publish a PDF report, but this new website is actually interactive and allows users to see country-to-country, as well as the dates.

The website also shows users how many requests Apple typically receives on an annual basis, and how many they actually comply with. At the moment based on a quick look at the website, it seems that Germany is the country with the most data requests at over 13,000, followed by the US at over 4,000 requests. Other countries with over 1,000 requests include Australia, Singapore, and Spain. If you’d like to take a look at the data yourself, head on over to Apple’s website for the details.

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