From time to time we hear about how some professional gamers exhibit some unprofessional behavior. This sometimes results in sanctions and punishments, and it looks like Blizzard is looking to keep a public record of such incidents and has launched what they’re calling the Discipline Tracker for the Overwatch League.

As its name implies, this is a tracker that tracks the various incidents that players in the Overwatch League are found to have been guilty of doing. It lists the date, the player’s name, the team’s name, and the infraction and action taken against that player (or team) as a result of that.

According to Blizzard, “The following list does not include players who are not currently under contract with an Overwatch League team but might face suspension or fines should they return to league play. In addition, players who have previously served penalties while playing in Contenders are generally not subject to further discipline upon joining the Overwatch League.”

Note that this list is also only applicable to players who are part of the Overwatch League. If you’re just a casual player who has been reported or punished in the past during regular Overwatch sessions, you won’t find your name on the list. That being said, hopefully a public record of the various infractions committed by players will encourage them to perhaps play in a more professional manner, what with eSports starting to become acknowledged and even accepted in traditional sporting events.

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