If you’re looking for a better way to manage screen time on Chromebooks, you’ll be pleased to learn that in an update to Chrome OS, Google has rolled out better screen time management features to the laptop. Prior to this, Chromebooks did come with parental controls although they were a bit limited.


However in the update, Google is bringing some of their Digital Wellbeing initiatives that they introduced to Android to Chromebooks. This includes being able to set screen time limits and bedtime hours, so if your kid uses a Chromebook, these are some the limitations that you can put into place to ensure that they don’t spend too long in front of the screen than necessary.

There will be notifications to tell the user to “Take a break” once the allotted screen time is up, along with a “Come back” time that lets them know when they can use it again. Of course all these limitations can be bypassed via the Family Link app which parents can control when necessary.

Parents will also be able to better whitelist and manage websites that they deem are safe for their kids to visit, along with what kind of Android apps are available for download. There will be review and approval processes put into place for installs, and manage in-app purchases.

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