After skipping out on releasing a new season of Game of Thrones in 2018, many are no doubt very much hyped up for the release of season 8, which so happens to be the show’s last season as well and will wrap up the entire story that fans have been following for the past few years. Now it looks like HBO is ready to start teasing the next season.

A short teaser video was actually released last month which acted more as a summary of what has happened so far. Unfortunately this teaser doesn’t really tell us much either, save for showing ice spreading across the lands from one direction, and fire coming from the other direction, signalling the clash between the White Walkers and pretty much the rest of humanity.

The eighth season is currently set for a release on April 2019 which means that fans still have several months left of waiting to do, and hopefully we’ll be getting a more detailed trailer in the near future. So far the various reports we’ve heard have all suggested that the final season will be pretty epic, where a single battle scene in one the episodes took 55 nights to film.

It also seems that none of the cast know how the show will end as multiple endings have been filmed to prevent anyone from leaking or accidentally revealing what will happen. HBO has also since ordered a pilot episode for a potential prequel series to the original books.

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