There are many natural wonders of the world that people should explore and bask in its wonder, but unfortunately thanks to social media and the desire for “Likes”, there have been many instances of people destroying nature and artwork and desecrating ancient artifacts and places for the sake of a photo.


So much so that researchers have had to resort to keeping a newly discovered giant cave a secret to prevent it from being tracked down by “Instagram tourists” and amateur climbers. Like we said, there have been many instances in the past of people ruining nature and precious historical artwork for the sake of a selfie, without caring about its significance and its impact on the world.

We imagine that this is what researchers are hoping to avoid with their discovery, where over in Clearwater, Canada, they discovered a giant cave that has an opening big enough to potentially fit the Statue of Liberty. In a post on Canadian Geographic, John Pollack, who is a career caver and also the governor of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society said, “As far as North America goes, this is a honking big cave. It’s one of the biggest in Canada and certainly one of the most spectacular.”

Based on initial tests using a laser beam, the team estimated that the cave is about 450 feet deep, but they believe that it could potentially be much deeper. It is also believed that this cave is most likely tens of thousands of years old, with the rocks themselves being hundreds of millions of years old, so it’s not hard to see why the researchers are keeping its location secret for now to prevent hordes of tourists flocking to the area, trying to take pieces of the rocks for themselves, potential vandalizing it, all for Instagram “likes”.

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