These days our devices are becoming even more connected and synchronized. For example for Android Messages, not only can you check them on your phone, but you will also be able to check them on the web via its home page at However it seems that Messages will be getting a new home at

This is according to an upcoming change spotted in Chrome OS which mentions that Google plans to move the web interface from to, which according to 9to5Google could be Google’s way of trying to rebrand its Android platform. This is due to several instances in which Google seems to have avoided using the term “Android”, which like we said could be how the company plans to transition it to a different brand, perhaps a more universal one that will cover both Chrome OS and Android.

There have been rumors that Google could be working on a new operating system codenamed Fuschia which some have speculated could unify Chrome OS and Android together. Given that Chrome OS already shares some Android features and the ability to download and use Android apps, perhaps a more unified platform might not be such a bad idea.

That being said, the moving of Messages from to isn’t live yet, and apart from the shift in URL, it doesn’t seem like the overall functionality of the feature will be affected.

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