The Live Albums feature for Google Photos went live earlier this year. It relies on Google’s machine learning prowess to automatically add photos of people and pets to a custom album. The amount of images that could be stored on these auto-populating albums was 10,000 at launch in October. Google has now doubled the limit to 20,000 images.


Users can turn any album in Google Photos to a Live Album. They just have to choose the people and pets that they want to see in that particular album and Photos does the rest. That album can also be shared with friends and family so that they can continue to be updated as new photos are automatically added to it.

The doubling of the storage limit suggests that users were using this feature far more than what Google may have anticipated. It may have received requests from them as well to increase the limit. 10,000 photos aren’t really that much in this day and age, after all.

Google has now updated its support page to also reflect that the Google Photos Live Albums limit has been doubled to 20,000 images. The feature is available through the Google Photos app for iOS and Android. It’s also accessible from the web.

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