Apple’s iPhones are without a doubt very expensive mobile devices. Given how ingrained they’ve become in pop culture, it’s also understandable why they are so desirable, where in the past we’ve seen people willing to sell their body parts just to get enough money to buy an iPhone.


However it seems that over in Malaysia, a man might have found a less painful way of nabbing himself years of free iPhone upgrades: insurance fraud. Police in the state of Penang, Malaysia, have recently uncovered an insurance fraud scheme used by a man who filed annual insurance claims that he had his phone stolen from him.

It seems that this has been going on for a while now, but it was during his latest filing that the 34-year old man’s scheme unraveled when police looked into his background and found prior similar reports of lost/stolen iPhones, indicating a pattern of sorts. According to Central Seberang Perai police chief Nik Ros Nik Abdul Hamid, after interrogation, the man finally confessed.

He had been filing false claims and that what he usually does is he sells off his older Apple products, including MacBooks, takes the money from the sale and insurance payouts to buy newer devices. The police also paid a visit to his mother-in-law’s house where the MacBook Pro, which he had previously reported as stolen, was there.

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