iphone xsIf you’re not a particularly huge fan of the notched design on the iPhone, you’ll have to get used to it or seek out an alternative because according to leakster Ice Universe, Apple is apparently sticking with the notched design until at least 2020, following which they are expected to use a hole-in display.

The idea that Apple could continue using the notch in 2019 doesn’t come as a surprise as the 6.5-inch and 6.1-inch iPhone XS Max and iPhone XRs are new models, and Apple typically keeps its designs around for at least 2 generations. What’s interesting is the suggestion that Apple could opt for the hole-in display which is a design that Huawei and Samsung have recently put forward.

While the hole-in display is certainly a lot smaller compared to the notch on the iPhone, we wouldn’t really say that it is a distraction-free design either. There are some who actually do not mind the notch and claim that over time, it can be easily ignored and doesn’t actually get in the way of using the phone.

Some companies such as Oppo have tried to find a way around the notch by using a popup camera design, although it doesn’t seem to have truly caught on. In any case take this rumor with a grain of salt for now as it is rather early to be predicting 2020’s iPhones, but what do you think? Is an iPhone with a hole-in display something you might be interested in?

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