Japan is working on a new space radar system that it wants to have up and running in the Yamaguchi Prefecture by fiscal 2023. The radar system won’t just be used to monitor debris in the space. Its job will also include keeping an eye on “killer” satellites launched by foreign governments. News about this radar system’s development comes at a time when countries like Russia and China are believed to be working on such satellites.


A killer satellite will apparently be able to attack satellites launched by another country. Japan’s space radar system will reportedly be used to keep an eye on objects that could upset the peaceful use of outer space.

Sources mentioned in a report claim that the information obtained from this radar system may also be shared with the United States. As for where it will be installed, the report mentions that this system is going to be deployed at the location of a former radar station of the Maritime Self-Defense Force in Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Sanyo Onoda city.

The development is expected to be completed by fiscal 2022 with operations slated to begin the following year. It will mainly be used for surveillance in a geostationary satellite orbit at an altitude of around 22,400 miles. The Defense Ministry will reportedly be setting up this space surveillance unit under the Air Self-Defense Force.

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