Apple’s new iPhones seem to check most of the boxes of what people want from the company in terms of features, but yet it seems that despite that, not many are biting. So much so that according to Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang, he is predicting that Apple could be cutting production of its iPhones even further.


This is actually not the first time that we have heard reports that Apple is cutting production of its iPhones due to alleged poor sales. After all it makes sense – if no one is buying them why should Apple produce them in excess, right? According to Zhang’s latest report, he predicts a cut of another 4 million units in the March quarter of 2019.

It seems that the bulk of the iPhone production cuts will affect the cheaper iPhone XR, where it is estimated 2.5 million units will be affected, whereas the iPhone XS Max might only see cuts of 500,000 units. He also notes in his report that this is compounded further by Chinese companies who are showing support for local manufacturers such as Huawei, where they are subsidizing employees who purchase Huawei phones over iPhones.

It doesn’t help the fact that the iPhones are already pretty damn expensive, so combine that with company subsidies, it’s a hard deal to ignore. Apple has yet to officially reveal how many iPhones that they’ve sold, although they no longer plan on doing so, which means that we’ll have to wait until the company’s next financial report to see how well they are doing on the mobile front.

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