Battlefield 5 players on PC ought to get the new NVIDIA drivers that promise significant ray tracing performance improvements for this title. The latest drivers, 417.22, deliver improvements for Battlefield 5 when ray tracing is enabled. NVIDIA’s new drivers arrive not too long before the title’s own Overture patch that’s due later this month. New NVIDIA Drivers Promise 50% Ray Tracing Performance Gain For Battlefield 5


Ray tracing can be a performance hog even on NVIDIA’s top cards like the RTX 2080 Ti but the company has been working with Battlefield 5 developer DICE to bring performance improvements. It’s saying that players will see the result of their work with the latest drivers.

NVIDIA says that PC players with the RTX 2080 Ti will be able to run Battlefield 5 at 1440p resolution and over 60 frames per second with the DXR ultra preset. This will also be possible with the RTX 2080 at medium quality. NVIDIA promises RTX 2070 owners the ability to run this game at 1080p and over 60 frames per second at medium quality.

The changelog for the drivers also mentions that they bring stability improvements for the game when it’s being run with DXR ray tracing enabled, remove inactive geometry from ray traced scenes, and increases overall ray tracing quality by using frame buffer data where applicable. The new NVIDIA drivers are now available for download from the company’s drivers portal.

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