New NVIDIA Drivers Promise 50% Ray Tracing Bump For Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 players on PC ought to get the new NVIDIA drivers that promise significant ray tracing performance improvements for this title. The latest drivers, 417.22, deliver improvements for Battlefield 5 when ray tracing is enabled. NVIDIA’s new drivers arrive not too long before the title’s own Overture patch that’s due later this month. New NVIDIA Drivers Promise 50% Ray Tracing Performance Gain For Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 On Sale For $29.99 At Target

Battlefield fans had long been waiting for the latest addition to this franchise even though the launch might be perplexed some players, the game itself has launched to good reviews. The single-player mode might be short and the multiplayer options will only truly expand in the next few months, but DICE has received a lot of praise for the title. If you didn’t purchase it at launch, Battlefield 5 is […]

Battlefield V Won’t Support Dragging Teammates To Cover At Launch

There’s a lot of anticipation among Battlefield fans for the next addition to this popular series. It takes the baton from Battlefield 1 which was very well received. Some fans won’t like that a few features that were supposed to be available at launch have been delayed. They can add dragging teammates to cover on that list.

Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Confirmed

Battle royale titles have become quite popular over the past few months as evidenced by the strong community that games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite enjoy. It was therefore unsurprising to hear that Battlefield V may get a battle royale mode as well and that has now been officially confirmed by EA. Battlefield V will indeed feature the popular gaming mode.


Battlefield 5 Name Confirmed, EA Releases Official Logo

There has been a lot of speculation about the upcoming Battlefield title. EA had previously confirmed that it would be releasing a new Battlefield title this year. Previous reports had suggested that the new title might be called Battlefield 5. EA has now confirmed that the upcoming game is indeed called Battlefield 5 and it has even revealed the official logo of the game through Twitter.

Battlefield 5 Could Be Set In World War I

The folks at EA have been pretty reliable in the sense that every year, it’s almost a guarantee that we will get a new Battlefield title. In fact the developers at DICE have confirmed that a new Battlefield game is in the works for 2016, and we guess the next question is, what can we expect from Battlefield 5?