One of the appealing aspects of playing Pokemon was that you could trade Pokemon with other players as well as battle them head-on. However those two features were conspicuously absent from Pokemon GO and it took Niantic a while before trading was implemented. The good news for those waiting for PvP, it seems that it is finally here, sort of.

According to an announcement by the official Pokemon GO Twitter page, it looks like trainer battles will be making their way onto Pokemon GO soon. This is one of the more highly requested features of the game which will help improve upon its social aspect, where before the only way players could sort of battle against other players was by fighting them at their gyms, which honestly isn’t quite the same.

The announcement does say that the feature will be coming “soon” but there is no mention of when exactly that will be, so it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see. It has been about over 2 years since Pokemon GO was launched so it is disappointing that it took Niantic as long as they did to introduce trainer battles, but we suppose better late than never.

In the meantime Pokemon caught in Pokemon GO can also be transferred to Pokemon: Let’s Go! on the Nintendo Switch, which does help keep the game relevant.

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