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While a lot of smartphone makers are marketing their devices as having full screen displays, or edgeless displays, the fact of the matter is that there are still bezels, it’s just that they are now a lot less visible. However according to a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital, it seems that Samsung has patented an idea for a truly bezel-less smartphone design.

In the render above, it seems that Samsung has envisioned a smartphone where the displays curve around the sides of the smartphone, which technically removes the side bezels in the process. The top and bottom of the phone are also completely bezel-less, giving the illusion that the phone in question is all-display, and nothing else.

The patent also mentions that the side displays will also act as the frame of the device, meaning that there will not be a metal frame around the device which is a commonly-used design. Of course whether or not this is structurally sound is unclear, but we suppose since it’s not an actual product, that will be a problem for Samsung’s engineers in the future.

What’s interesting about this patent is that in a way it feels like a culmination of the work that Samsung has done in the past. For example Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series in recent years have started to adopt a design which features displays curved on both sides of the phone. At the same time, the company has also revealed some potential display ideas for future phones where instead of a notch, they could use a small circular cutout for the front-facing camera and sensors, allowing the phone’s display to stretch as far to the edge of the phone as possible.

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