Thanks to modern technology and the fact that everyone has a camera in their pockets these days, it has become disturbingly common for men to send unsolicited/unwanted lewd photos (dick pics) to women (sometimes to other men). There has been debate about this, where some suggest that since exposing oneself in public is illegal, why shouldn’t cyber-flashing be illegal too?

The good news is that over in New York, sending unwanted lewd photos to others could soon be criminalized, meaning that the act of cyber-flashing could potentially be punished with jail time, a fine, or even both. Speaking to the New York Times (via Engadget), Republican Councilman Joseph Borelli who is the co-sponsor for the bill about cyber-flashing said, “In the old days, you had to have a long trench coat and good running shoes. Technology has made it significantly easier to be a creep.”

Social media platforms have long been a place for men to send unwanted lewd photos, although in more recent times, some have taken advantage of Apple’s AirDrop feature to send photos out of the blue to anyone whose phone might be opening to receiving such images. One way to fix this is to either disable AirDrop completely, or to turn it on but to only be discoverable by people that you know, such as those on your contact list.

That being said, while this new bill should help deter people from sending such photos, it could be hard to try and track them down, but at the same time it is still a very much welcome change should it pass.

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