Snapchat’s Lenses features works with human faces and we’re sure that there are some who have tried using it with their pets. Last month the company added support for recognizing cats, but if you’re more of a dog person, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the latest update to Snapchat has introduced Lenses for dogs.

What this means is that if you want to add some filters or masks for your canine companion, the update to Snapchat means that these Lenses should not have any problems detecting a dog in your camera frame and affixing a funny mask or sticker onto them. Even better it appears that when you try to get a selfie with yourself and your pet, both your faces will be recognized and the Lenses will overlay accordingly.

The initial launch will contain a handful of Lenses that you can use on your dog, and Snapchat claims that more are expected to be on their way in the feature. While these features are fun and novel, they also do a good job at highlighting how far along Snapchat’s tech has come along in terms of being able to recognize things.

Previously Snapchat introduced filters that could identify objects like food and sporting equipment. We’re not sure what the end goal of this tech is, but for now they’re just fun filters that could help get you a chuckle or two.

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