Memorabilia of famous people have typically sold for a lot of money, and recently that has been proven once again because during an auction, a business card of the late co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs has managed to sell for a whopping $6,000, or to be more specific, it managed to fetch a cool $6,259.

The business card was previously estimated to be able to fetch $500 but clearly it has since managed to sell for much more. It should be noted that this particular business card wasn’t a recent business card and was actually an older business card from back in the day where Apple still used the colorful rainbow logo.

This is also not the first time memorabilia of Steve Jobs has been sold at auction. Previously it was reported that a February 1984 copy of the Macworld magazine which featured Jobs on the cover and was also signed managed to sell for almost $50,000 at auction, fetching a price almost five times its estimated price of $10,000.

We’ve also seen older Mac computers that are no longer in production, like the original Apple 1 computer, sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. So maybe the next time before you throw something away, take a while to think about it because for all you know, it could be worth a lot of money in the future.

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