Running an untrusted .exe file on your Windows PC is a recipe for disaster. Viruses and malware is often spread on Windows using infected .exe files. Most users set up a virtual machine to test apps from unknown sources but Microsoft is now going to make it much easier to do that without risking your entire PC. A new Windows 10 feature called Windows Sandbox will allow users to safely run unknown .exe files.

Windows Sandbox is an isolated and temporary desktop environment where users can run untrusted software without worrying about it installing malware or viruses on their PCs. Any software that’s installed in Windows Box will remain in the sandbox only and can’t affect the whole PC.

Once users close the Windows Sandbox, all of the software with its files and state are deleted permanently. So whenever users run Windows Sandbox, it’s essentially a brand new installation of Windows. Nothing persists on the device as everything is discarded once the app is closed.

Regardless of how nice it sounds to have this feature on your PC, Microsoft is only making it available as part of Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro. This goes to show that the feature is not really aimed at the average user.

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