A couple of months ago, YouTube announced that they wanted to cut down on duplicative content which is basically videos created by someone else and reuploaded by another user. For example “reaction” style videos and compilation videos fall into a similar category, although in these cases there is “added value” via the extra comments and editing.


However it seems that YouTube seemingly not adhering to its own policies have ticked off some users. Recently YouTube had uploaded a Christmas video to its Twitter page, but that video in question was not made by them, but rather put together by YouTuber Hevesh in which YouTube did not mention anything about Hevesh or give her credit.

In a tweet by Hevesh, “Very glad to see that my Christmas domino e-card is getting good use. However, I’m a bit disappointed that YouTube would take my video and re-upload it with absolutely no credit.” She later follows up with another tweet that reads, “I just don’t get it. YouTube created Content ID to protect creators from thieves freebooting their videos, yet here they are re-uploading people’s work for promotional purposes [without] any credit.”

YouTube has since apologized for forgetting to credit Hevesh, which they did in a follow-up tweet and was acknowledged by the creator herself.

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